Shift Gate Reverse Lockout Feature

Shift Gate Reverse Lockout Repair

The reverse "lockout" is just a metal tab that hangs down from the metal gate.

The base of the stick shift will hit this lockout tab, preventing you from going into reverse...unless you press down on the stick shift.

If you can go into reverse without pressing down on the stick shift, then I'd look at 3 things:

1. Can you press the stick shift down and have it pop back up .5" to 1" while in Neutral? You should be able to press down on your shift ball and have it pop right back up. This should be easily repeatable by any driver in the cockpit. If no, then your spring delock mechanism may be jammed down.

2. If not #1 above, then it may be that your stock, aftermarket, or carbon fiber pieces are too thick (or some similar problem with installation such as screws not being all of the way down on the metal gate). If your gate is too high, then the base of your stick shift will slide under the Reverse Lockout mechanism just the same as if your stick shift was always pressed down.

3. If not #1 or #2 above, then lift up your metal gate to examine the reverse lockout tab underneath. This is a common wear item. If it is worn or broken then the underside of your gate will not protrude down far enough to block the base of your stick shift, allowing the base of your stick shift to slide under the worn/broken Reverse Lockout mechanism just the same as if your stick shift was always pressed down.

The underside of your metal gate should have a tab in front of the Reverse channel that sticks down like the rudder on a sailboat. That underside should not be universally smooth (some gates have had the lockout tab ground away with a dremmel or by a professional machinist). Look for the upside-down shark fin and insure that it isn't cracked, broken, or ground down.

 Pictures by Cray54 and MREUS