Ferrari 348's In Movies


2005 Red 348 in

Sin City


2005 Red 348 TS in Pusher 2

Featured for about 15 minutes or so. (Danish Movie, should be in the US soon, called "With Blood on My Hands")

2004 348 in The Perfect Score

2001 Red 348 Spider in

Exit Wounds









2001 Red 348 in Smallville

[ep: 2.4]



2001 Red 348 Spider in The Heist

In scenes 3 and 9; twice driven to/from Gene Hackman's boat store.




2000 348 in The Replacements


1999 Red 348 Spider in "Go"

(an entire plot scene is based around this 348, with top down, being stolen, driven wildly, a gun in the glove box, and taken to a strip club)



1995 Red 348 Spider in Show Girls


1995 348 Spider in Sabrina(good shots on winding roads)


348 in Scary Movie 3 (only briefly)


 Black 348 Spider in Gumball Rally 3000: 6 Days In May

(only briefly)

Kings of South Beach (2007)

Road House (1989) Red 348 at the beginning


 What?! You want more? OK, there's a 348 Spider in the Baby Einstein Video! "On the Go" (thanks, ryalex)


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